Outdoor Camping Tripod Cooking
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Outdoor Camping Tripod Cooking

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  • The new product in 2021, the hook is composed of two parts, namely the hook chain and the 3-hole fixing plate(approximately 300 grams).
  • The hook is made of stainless steel and weighs approximately 148 grams.

  • The chain length is 46.5 inches (about 118.0 cm), the diameter of the large hole is 0.7 inches (about 2.0 cm), and the diameter of the small hole is 0.4 inches (about 1.0 cm).
  • The hook pocket is made of synthetic cowhide material and copper buttons. The sturdy synthetic cowhide bag protects the hook and fixing plate well.

The height of the suspension chain can be adjusted to the flame according to actual needs. Suitable for outdoor cooking appliances such as Dutch roasting pans, coffee pots, teapots, kettles, etc. Stove bracket can be quickly assembled and disassembled, compact
storage, small size, storage after storage, light weight, easy to carry, it is an indispensable tool for outdoor adventure and camping.

Fine workmanship, round polished, without any sharp edge marks, strong and durable

Suitable for outdoor camping, travel, hiking, adventure, herders, rescue, extreme survival.