360 degrees car dinner plate
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360 degrees car dinner plate

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This portable tray is made of environmentally friendly plastic steel and metal. The maximum weight of food does not exceed 1 kg. Please try to put it in the middle of the tray to ensure stability and stable quality.

This product is easy to carry, can be opened when not in use, can also be folded or bent.

The diameter of the board is 225 mm, and there is a rubber anti-skid design in the middle. There are loose nuts on the connecting rods of the pallet, and the horizontal position can be adjusted. Every time you adjust the balance, you need to loosen the nut, and then tighten it after adjusting the balance to ensure that the snack will not tilt and use it normally.

There is a non-slip mat on the fixing clip of the pallet base. No matter which part of the car is fixed, it needs to be fixed on a non-slip mat to protect the car and fix it firmly.

To adjust the balance of the moving position of the tray, you need to loosen the nut, and then tighten the nut after balancing. To bend the support rod, you need to operate it with both hands, holding the universal rod with one hand, and holding the base fixing clip with the other hand to fix it in the desired position to avoid damage to the product.